Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corporation (Indiana)
Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corporation (Indiana)

Administration/School Board


The vision of the Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corporation is that of a dynamic organization that will work in partnership with the family and community to maintain and provide adequate resources for a safe, disciplined, and productive environment where all students and highly competent and committed adults are meaningfully engaging in learning. Our curriculum design and instructional practices will provide the knowledge, attitudes, skills, and habits for all students to become responsible citizens in American society, life-long learners, and successful participants in a global and technological society.

NHJ Administration

Edsell, Timothy

Dr. Timothy Edsell

Cline, Andy

Andy Cline
Assistant Superintendent

Carter, Debbie

Debbie Carter

Ellington, Terri

Terri Ellington
Deputy Treasurer

Baca, Heidi

Heidi Baca
Admin Secretary

Baker, Susie

Susie Baker, RN
Director of Health and Wellness

Crowell, Gloria

Gloria Crowell
Director of Special Services
SPED Coordinator

Schaaf, Carol

Carol Schaaf
Director of Food Service

Sneed, Jared

Jared Sneed
Director of Facilities and Maintenance

Summers, Andrew

Andrew Summers
Director of Technology

Walker, John

John Walker
Director of Transportation

Grant, Keith

Keith Grant
Elementary School

Perry, Andrea

Andrea Perry
Intermediate School

Zachery, Sean

Sean Zachery
Middle School

Davis, Kim

Kim Davis
Middle School
Assistant Principal

Skobel, Luke

Luke Skobel
High School

Wallace, Bill

Bill Wallace
High School
Assistant Principal

NHJ School Board

Waltz, Greg

Greg Waltz

Harvey, Ed

Ed Harvey
Vice President

Misiniec, Judy

Judy Misiniec

Parks, Kevin

Kevin Parks

Burgett, Thomas

Thomas Burgett