Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corporation (Indiana)
Nineveh-Hensley-Jackson United School Corporation (Indiana)

Food Service

A Focus on Nutrition

As part of the National Breakfast Program and School Lunch Program, NHJ offers healthy, nutritious meals to all students each day.

Our Mission

To provide nutritious meals at an affordable cost to all students.
To provide healthy options children will both eat and enjoy.
To provide a variety of different foods from the five food groups.

2018-2019 School Year

Meal Prices

Elementary School

Lunch $2.45
Breakfast $1.40

Intermediate School

Lunch $2.45
Breakfast $1.40

Middle School

Lunch $2.50
Breakfast $1.45

High School

Lunch $2.55
Breakfast $1.45

Extra Milk $0.45
Adult Lunch $3.15
Adult Breakfast $2.25

Guest Prices same as Adult Prices


Research has shown that starting the day with a nutritious breakfast helps students stay alert and perform better in school. Breakfast is offered each morning to all students at all schools at the beginning of the school day. Students may get a breakfast as soon as they arrive at school.

The price for breakfast is $1.40 at the elementary and intermediate schools and is $1.45 at the middle and high schools. The reduced breakfast price is $.30. Breakfast includes milk, a fruit or vegetable or juice and a grain and/or a protein.

If your child is eligible for free or reduced priced lunch, he/she is eligible for free or reduced priced breakfast as well.


Cafeteria account payments must be made in advance and may be made in several ways.

Cash or check payments may be sent with students to school in an envelope marked with the student’s name and amount enclosed. ICES and ICIS students give payments to their teacher. ICMS and ICHS students should drop cafeteria payments into the drop box located in the school’s main office first thing in the morning.

Students should not make payments in the cafeteria during serving times.

Parents may also make credit card payments or payments from their bank account through your Infinite Campus Parent portal.


Enjoy the newsletters below specifically designed for parents and their students. Nutrition Nuggets is developed for grades K-5 and Teen Food & Fitness is developed for Grades 6-12. Inside each newsletter are fun tips, ideas and useful information about healthy eating and exercise for you and your student. 

Food Service Staff

Schaaf, Carol

Carol Schaaf
Director of Food Service

Murtlow, Chandra

Chandra Murtlow
ES/IS Cafeteria Manager

Davis, Lisa

Lisa Davis
MS/HS Cafeteria Manager